David Gaultiere

David Gaultiere

What I’ve Done

Identify new business opportunities & encourage innovation.

Analyze new venture ideas against the business model canvas.

Manage software development teams and design efficient processes.

Solve complex business problems with elegant software solutions.

Create, design, and build digital interfaces, brands, and marketing.

Design UX & UI mockups for mobile applications.

Develop websites and web apps using HTML, CSS, & Ruby on Rails.

Build business-friendly websites using WordPress or Shopify.

Implement creative & innovative growth hacking techniques.

Strategize online marketing, social media, & PPC campaigns.

Write and distribute high quality content for inbound marketing.

Some Of My Work

My Design Philosophy

Beautiful products. Excellent experiences.

My eye has always been drawn to the visual. From a young age I was creating visual order out the world using the elements around me. As an adult, I pursue visual beauty and functional excellence in everything that I do.

I believe that humans are inherently visual, continually processing the information in the world around us visually. Most of our tactile interactions are facilitated by visual information. A great tactile experience, necessitates beautifully functional visuals.

Design is therefore the art of combining a pleasing visual aesthetic with an utterly smooth functionality. There's a false dichotomy between what is pretty and what is useful. True design is form and function.